We provide the following services to assist tenants with self-advocacy (some services may depend on the availability of resources):

In providing support to tenants to uphold their rights, CCTAAS provides telephone and face to face advice to tenants on their rights and obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act  2010 and related legislation; advocates for and negotiates on behalf of tenants to their landlords and real estate agents; provides advice to tenants on preparing their cases for NCAT hearings; participates in conciliation sessions between tenants and landlord/agents at NCAT; represents vulnerable tenants and provides duty advocacy at NCAT venues (where resources permit); provides referrals to community and government organisations; and provides written materials which facilitate self-advocating by tenants.

CCTAAS ensures that priority is given to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community.

Did you know?

  • NCAT settles disputes between tenants and landlords and residential park residents and park owners
  • The bond when paid to a private landlord must be lodged with Renting Services within 10 days. When paid to a real estate agent it must be lodged within 10 days of end of month.
  • The condition report forms part of your lease
  • Your lease doesn’t expire, only the fixed term expires
  • You can claim your bond up to 6 months after vacating your premises
  • Rent cannot be increased without 60 days written notice
  • Your rent can be reduced if repairs are not done
  • If you pay in cash you are entitled to rent receipts


CCTAAS is committed to assisting tenants through advocacy. All staff come from a background of advocacy, both through experience at NCAT already gained, and consolidated through training; as well as those staff whose previous background was from roles involving advocacy and mediation. Our staff will advocate for tenants, with their landlords, park owners, real estate agents, and other housing providers. Our duty advocate attends NCAT in Gosford regularly to assist tenants during conciliation at the Tribunal. Duty Advocates are unable to represent in formal hearings. CCTAAS advocates play an effective role in homelessness prevention.

Assistance with your case at or before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

Advocates can assist in advising you in the preparation of your documents for your upcoming NCAT hearing. Our Serivce may be able to represent you. All decisions to represent are made by the Service after taking into account the merit of the case, the capabilities of the tenant, and the availability of advocates.

Education for the community

CCTAAS provides community legal education regularly to other Services providers and tenant groups or park residents as required. Contact the Service on 4353 5515 if you would like an advocate to attend your group meeting to discuss tenancy issues.


CCTAAS accepts referrals from other service providers on behalf of tenants. Where a referral is required for a tenant, the service will speak with the tenant and seek authorisation before referring the matter to another Service provider.

Home visits

 (by appointment)

CCTAAS can arrange home visits in special circumstances where tenants are unable to access our Service.